• Under Construction
    Sun Mar 14 2021 16:22:57
    I'm in the middle of writing a new "Forum" page for webv4 (the Synchronet web UI used on the website of this BBS among many others). As a consequence a certain amount of web-based message & email reading/writing functionality will be broken for a while.

    While I'm at it, I'm also revising several other parts of the web framework, so other parts of the site may be intermittently broken until that's done.

    No ETA on completion, but at my current pace I would expect it to be done in two to four weeks. Expect faster page loads, smaller data transfers, a slightly updated look, and a few new features like:

    - "BBS View" for messages (see how it would look in a terminal)
    - Simple message markup:
    - Message (and file base?) search
    - "New message scan" (show unread messages by group & sub)
    - User preferences (darkmode, signature, avatar, etc.)
  • SSH Port Changed
    Sun Mar 14 2021 14:13:52
    I've migrated the BBS away from the cloud and back into my home. Turns out my ISP blocks connections to port 22, so I've had to adapt.

    You can connect to the BBS via SSH on port 2022.

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