• Dial-up service temporarily offline
    Wed Jul 06 2016 21:19:05
    I've had to take the dial-up modem offline for a while. Service will probably
    resume in 4 - 6 weeks.

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  • Yet another Synchronet web interface
    Thu Sep 03 2015 03:43:17
    Coming soon: a new, faster, prettier, more feature-rich replacement for the
    slow, ugly and well intentioned ecWeb. You can see the work in progress at:


    You may or may not see some errors and oddities if I'm working on it when you
    visit. Don't be alarmed - it's usually stable unless I'm actively breaking and
    fixing it. :D

    Pages and sidebar modules from ecWeb v3 (and possibly earlier) can be brought
    over to the new system with little to no modification. (It took me about 20
    minutes to port over the user list page, the "Who's online" sidebar module, and
    the "System stats" sidebar module.)

    This new web interface does away with a few annoyances, kludges, and problems
    presented by my previous efforts. It's easier to install and configure. It's
    built on Bootstrap (http://getbootstrap.com/), so it looks great on mobile
    devices - and there are plenty of themes already available.

    New features include:

    - File areas (with HTTP file downloads)
    - Unread mail indicator (no more cheesy JS alert())
    - Per Group, Sub, and Thread unread message indicators
    - Message scan pointer updates
    - Sidebar show/hide toggle in small windows or mobile devices

    I'll post an update here once it's been made available for others to install on
    their own systems.

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  • Lemons and other Bullshit
    Thu Sep 03 2015 03:07:44
    I meant to post about this months ago, but apparently forgot. I wrote a
    Lemmings-like game for Synchronet. It's called "Lemons". You can find it at
    the top of the Games menu on this BBS, or grab a copy of your own from the
    Synchronet CVS:


    A few people have requested my bulletin-lister over the years. It may or may
    not be what you're after (it doesn't currently use text files, but rather uses
    a message base for storage), but you can find it here:


    I may add some other features to it in the future.

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  • COA Chat command-shell integration
    Fri Nov 21 2014 16:08:46
    Users are now connected to the Center of Awareness online chat once they are
    logged in to this BBS. You'll see messages from other users appear in the
    Notifications area above the menus. Type /C to bring up an input box and send
    a message of your own.

    Note that this is different from the COA Messaging application in the main
    menu, which lets you send private or broadcast messages to other users who may
    not be signed into COA Chat.

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  • Chicken Delivery & Gooble Gooble rewritten
    Fri Nov 21 2014 16:00:54
    I've rewritten Chicken Delivery and Gooble Gooble. They're both faster and
    generally better now.

    Chicken Delivery now features more levels (and it's a lot easier for me to make
    new ones,) new enemies, moving platforms, power-ups, and I don't remember what

    Gooble Gooble was painfully slow before. Now it is not. It's still just a
    Pac-Man clone, so ... meh.

    You can play them from the Games menu here, or get them from the Synchronet CVS
    at cvs.synchro.net for addition to your own system.


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