• TURMEL: Millennium Declaration altered to remove "time-based currency"

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    My great ally https://www.facebook.com/freed.schmitter
    was at the United Nations Millennium Forum with me in 2000
    and when the Globalization Committee asked me to make a
    presentation of a LETS time-based currency to restructure
    the global financial architecture, Freed's constant support
    was instrumental in getting Millennium Declaration C6
    adopted to "restructure the global financial architecture"
    with an "alternative time-based currency." The censors had
    to cut out the name "UNILETS" United Nations International &
    Local Employment-Trading System and it's greatest "interest-
    free" feature so leaders from nations with LETS wouldn't see
    the link. But they left in "time-based" which they did not
    realize seeks to empower humanity's time at work over gold!!
    The Time Standard of Money is almost here.

    The Millennium Declaration http://millennium/declaration.htm
    has now been moved to a new page: http://www.un.org/millennium/declaration/ares552e.htm with
    the "time-based currency" paragraph deleted!

    Think about how important the UNILETS time-based currency
    had to be for them to alter the 2000 Millennium Declaration
    right in our faces. If they see the original! But who has
    one any more? I found one online!

    So that's how dangerous the UNILETS resolution was to the
    Deep Global State. It had to be dropped even if anyone can
    show the fraud.

    So millennium/declaration.htm that was the original is now
    gone with an altered version now just a /143s552e away.

    Anyway, I wonder if they've erased that I was even there
    too? But Freed was there. He can attest what his committee
    wrote down on the real Millennium Declaration, not the phony

    What an honor to be so censored! Right at the United Nations
    on what should be the greatest document of the old
    millennium. Right in front of our faces. It's like getting
    the most flak by being the most over target.

    Anyway, half a billion people were morted by poverty since
    it could have all been fixed in 2000 and that's quite the
    score for those who have beaten me so far.

    The greatest achievement of my 40-year political career
    down the memory hole.

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