• TURMEL: Richard Harton files 31 medpot claims in Montreal today

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    TURMEL: Richard Harton files 31 medpot claims in Montreal today

    JCT: What a pleasant surprise. I was checking the Federal
    Court site for new claims filed and found 31 new claims that
    were filed in Montreal all today! I've added them to my http://johnturmel.com/DELLIST.TXT of all plaintiffs in on
    the damages and 10-day carry claims.

    T-831-19 Simon Larocque Mtl May 23
    T-832-19 Mario Grenier Mtl May 23
    T-833-19 David Berman Mtl May 23
    T-834-19 Francois Lacroix Mtl May 23
    T-835-19 Frederic Patry Mtl May 23
    T-836-19 Sophie Isabelle Girard Mtl May 23
    T-837-19 Veronique Morneau Mtl May 23
    T-838-19 Julien Gobeille Connolly Mtl May 23
    T-839-19 Michael Scott Anderson Mtl May 23
    T-840-19 Christian Berman Mtl May 23
    T-841-19 Francois Pilon Mtl May 23
    T-842-19 Richard Harton Mtl May 23
    T-842-19 Lynn Marie Joannisse Mtl May 23
    T-844-19 Michael Scott Anderson Mtl May 23
    T-845-19 Audrey Belanger Mtl May 23
    T-846-19 Jessyca Trottier Mtl May 23
    T-847-19 Abel Wilfred Morrisseau Mtl May 23
    T-849-19 Paulo Correia Mtl May 23
    T-850-19 Matthieu Duclos Mtl May 23
    T-851-19 Luis Antonio De Fraga Mtl May 23
    T-852-19 Nancy Boucher Mtl May 23
    T-853-19 Andre Lavoie Mtl May 23
    T-854-19 Nathalie Houle Mtl May 23
    T-855-19 Michel Bibeau Mtl May 23
    T-856-19 Harry Berman Mtl May 23
    T-857-19 Richard Houle Mtl May 23
    T-858-19 Paulo Correia Mtl May 23
    T-859-19 Louis Galipeau Mtl May 23
    T-860-19 Pierre Archambeault Mtl May 23
    T-862-19 Renee Cyr Mtl May 23
    T-863-19 France Bourgeois Mtl May 23

    The Court should add thesse Plaintiffs to Schedule A
    plaintiffs whom the judge is considering granting the same
    10-day carry as Jeff Harris won.

    Richard said he decided to freak them out by bringing them
    all in at the same time on paper, not filed online. I
    wondered if it had taken hours but he said they just took
    the pile and the $62 filing fees and said they'd process it.

    So instead of only three more people on Schedule A aiming at
    getting the 10-day carry pending the action for 30-day
    supply as under the MMAR, there are now 35! Quite the
    increase in one day.

    If you want in on Schedule A for a 10-day possession and
    shipping limit, http://johnturmel.com/ins150.pdf has
    instructions on efiling your own claim.

    Come on people, over 300 filed the actions for damages due
    to delay. Just as easy to file for the 10-day carry going
    for the 30.

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