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    Parliamentary bureau in Ottawa. He can be reached at

    JCT: Anyway, you get the sense that Justin's a charlatan who
    isn't going to deliver what he sounded like he was going to
    deliver. Still Cops and Gardeners, as he tried so muscle out
    the competition to the Big Corporations to whom he has
    prostituted himself.

    What makes me puke the most about Justin's new legalization
    is you can keep 4 plants for recreational use. Equivalent to
    0.8 grams since 1 gram allows 5 plants to medical users. But
    you can your wife get to keep the same 4 plants because your
    right to grow isn't based on your but on your residence.
    Justin made the limit dependent on the residence, not the
    adults. So why should a single person be allowed 0.8
    grams/day while a married couple only 0.4 each? Just
    Justin muscling out the small to help the big.

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