• TURMEL: June 27 Vancouver Slow MedPot Permit Appeal Memoranda

    From John KingofthePaupers Turmel@1:229/2 to All on Mon Jun 24 14:12:54 2019
    From: johnturmel@gmail.com

    On June 27 2019, Jeff Harris will appear before the Federal
    Court of Appeal at 701 East Georgia St. Vancouver seeking
    restitution of time in the period of exemption that was
    subtracted from over 300 plaintiffs by back-dating their
    permits to the date the doctor signed rather than starting
    on the date of issue as under the MMAR.

    The Crown has cross-appealed Judge Brown dismising their
    motion to strike the claims for damages due to delay in
    processing their permits.

    I read our two Memoranda for the upcoming hearing of the
    appeal https://youtu.be/x9dDrmcEgoU

    It's going to be a good show. Make it if you can.

    Jeff will order a copy of the audiotape but that will take
    time to transcribe.

    Stay tuned for a short report.

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