• TURMEL: $2 to ask judge for 10-day medpot supply over 150-gram max

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    TURMEL: $2 to ask judge for 10-day medpot supply over 150-gram max

    JCT: There are plenty of people with prescriptions over 20
    grams who are going to be inconvenienced by the 150 gram
    possess and shipping limit on marijuana in the Cannabis Act.

    In the Garber case in B.C., plaintiffs had prescriptions for
    36 grams/day, 60 grams/day, 100 grams/day and 167 grams/day.
    So the last guy couldn't even possess a 1-day supply.

    The judge granted them all the right to possess a 10-day
    supply over the 150 gram limit.

    Now you could hire a lawyer and go for the same remedy.

    Or you could spend $2 filing fee to join Jeff and Colleen
    Harris, Art Jackes and Ray Hathaway who have filed in
    Federal Court to strike the 150 gram limit to allow the same
    30 day supply as all the smaller dosers.

    Judge Brown scheduled a Case Management hearing on Oct 30
    next week for people with actions to strike down 150 gram
    limit. But Jeff Harris has filed a motion on the same day,
    Oct 30, asking Judge Brown for interim remedy of at least
    the same 10-day supply the Garber plaintiffs were granted in
    B.C. Seems like a good argument.

    And Jeff asked that the remedy his motion is asking for be
    granted to the other plaintiffs at the hearing without their
    having to file a motion record too.

    If you follow the instructions at
    http://johnturmel.com/ins150.pdf to file a Statement of
    Claim to strike the 150 grams limit too, you'll be invited
    to the telephone conference call and could be granted the
    same remedy as Jeff and the other early birds.

    If you you wait and they win, then you'll have to file the
    Claim and the Motion yourself. The motion needs you to find
    a notary to swear an affidavit, something Jeff did and I
    hope the others can avoid having to do.

    So you have 1 week to take th 15 minutes to complete the
    template form and upload it to the Court efiling system. The
    Registry will call the next day for a credit card to collect
    the $2 filing fee. Make sure to ask for a certified copy
    with the Gold Star as a great souvenir.

    If you don't take advantage of Jeff doing the motion for
    everyone else, you'll be on your own to get it filed and
    done yourself.

    So if you, like the Garber plaintiffs, are finding not being
    allowed to travel with more than a few days medicine too
    onerous, take the 15 minutes and $2 to get filed and see if
    Jeff wins a 10-day supply next Tuesday for himself and the
    others filed on time. You won't get the chance to have
    someone else do the hard stuff a second time.

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