• TURMEL: I'm at Kiosk 605 at Montreal Cannabis Convention Saturday

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    TURMEL: I'm at Kiosk 605 at Montreal Cannabis Convention Saturday

    JCT: I've been invited to attend the Montreal Cannabis
    Convention at Place Bonaventure on Saturday by the Canadian
    Cannabis Association http://associationcannabis.ca

    I'll be announcing the templates for our Federal Court kits
    looking for people who might want

    a) damages for the delay,
    b) join Jeff Harris in getting 10-day supply over 150 grams
    c) seek to strike the prohibitions to get juice,
    d) seek to strike the caps on 2 patients/grower and 4
    licenses /site,
    e) seek to strike the 1-year limit for those with permanent
    illnesses and announce the remaining torts I'd like to
    challenge. Remember, our original Gold Star challenge listed
    20 different problems violating our rights but Justice
    Phelan said he'd fixed them all in his Allard decision. Har
    har har har har har. Fat chance since we're still
    complaining about them now, so how could he have fixed them?
    His cheap dismissal now comes back haunt him. From our
    Statement of Claim:


    16. The following constitutional violations are alleged
    under the 3 MMAR, MMPR, and ACMPR exemption regimes which
    unreasonably restrict access and/or supply:

    1) MMAR S.4(2)(b); MMPR S.119 and ACMPR S.8(1) require a
    medical document from recalcitrant or not-available family

    2) The three regimes failed to provide DIN (Drug
    Identification Number) for affordability and insurance

    3) MMAR S.13(1), S.33(1), s42(1)(a); MMPR S.129(2)(a) and
    ACMPR S.8(2) require annual renewals for permanent diseases
    and then short-change them on the year.

    4) MMAR S.65(1); MMPR and ACMPR S.199(1)&(2), S.200(1)&(2)
    compel exemptees to destroy unused cannabis before receipt
    of new batch with no refund.

    5) MMAR S12.(1)(b), S.32(c), S.62(2)(c), S.63(2)(f); MMPR
    S.117(1)(c) and ACMPR S.43(1), S.46(1), S.184(d) allow the
    Ministry to revoke the patient's permits for non-medical

    6) MMAR, MMPR and ACMPR fail to exempt patients from the
    CDSA S.5(1) prohibition on trafficking for trading and
    sampling different strains for different pains and gains in

    7) MMAR, MMPR, ACMPR fail to exempt transformers of
    marijuana to edibles and oils the prohibition on which was
    ruled unconstitutional in R. v. Smith [2015] by the Supreme

    8) Industrial Hemp Regulations SOR/98-156 CDSA stifles hemp
    production by defining "industrial hemp" as not containing
    more than 0.3% THC w/w.


    17. The following constitutional violations are alleged
    under the only the MMAR and ACMPR exemption regimes:

    9) MMAR S.32(e) and ACMPR S.184(b) prohibit more than 2

    10) MMAR S.32(d) & S.63(1) and ACMPR S.184(c) prohibit more
    than 4 licenses/site.

    11) MMAR S.30(1) and ACMPR S.190 limits the number of plants
    ensuring no seasonal economies nor respite from constant

    12) MMAR and ACMPR fail to license any garden help.

    13) MMAR S.35(b), S.37(2d), S.39(1c) and ACMPR S.174(3)(a),
    S.176(2)(a), S.177(4)(a) make a Registered Person or
    Designated Person ineligible for a production license if
    they have been convicted of a "designated cannabis offence"
    within the preceding 10 years.

    14) Under both regimes with personal production, Health
    Canada takes time to make intimidating phone calls to
    doctors trying to convince them to reduce their
    prescriptions and complaints to the doctor's association to
    pass along to the doctor! No problem when buying from an

    15) Applications to produce took 4 weeks under the MMAR and
    now take up to 30 weeks under the ACMPR. Applications to
    renew took far less under the MMAR but take up to 16 weeks
    under the ACMPR. Applications to amend took under 4 weeks
    under the MMAR and now take up to 13 weeks under the ACMPR.

    18. The following constitutional violations are alleged
    under the MMPR and ACMPR exemption regimes:

    16) MMPR S.117(1)(c)(i): "The Licensed Producer must cancel
    if there are reasonable grounds to believe that false
    information has been submitted;"
    ACMPR S.117(2): "must cancel without delay if LP has
    verified the existence of the ground in a "reasonable
    ACMPR S.117(3): "has reasonable grounds that a ground

    17) MMPR S.117(4) and ACMPR S.139(3) let Licensed Producers
    cancel patient's registration for undefined "business

    18) MMPR S.117(7), S.118 and ACMPR S.139(7) prohibit the
    Licensed Producer from returning or transferring the medical
    document back to the patient;

    19) MMPR 20) S.5(c), S.73(1)(e), S.123(1)(e), S.130(2) and
    ACMPR S.6(1)(d), S.178(2)(f)(ii), S.189(1)(e) prohibit
    possession or delivery of more than 30-days or 150 grams.

    20) L.P.s cannot supply fresh leaves, juice, oil.

    21) L.P. Prices Unaffordable


    ALREADY DONE at http://johnturmel.com/kits

    15) Damages from Delay insdel.pdf

    19) Strike 150 Gram limit ins150.pdf

    20) Strike prohibition for no juice insjuice.pdf

    9) & 10) Strike caps on patients and licenses insdg.pdf

    3) Strike 1-year limit insyear.pdf


    14) Damages for harassing calls (coming inshar.pdf)

    5) prohibit ministry from revoking on non-medical reasons

    7) Exempt transformers

    11) Strike 5 plants/gram limit

    12) Strike no help allowed

    13) Strike 10-year ban on those with criminal records

    16) Strike LPs cancelling registrations

    17) Strike LPs cancelling registrations for business reasons

    18) Strike no return of medical document if they do.

    1) Strike need for doctors

    JCT: Gee, that's quite a few that Justice Phelan's Allard
    decision did not solve even if he said he had! Har har hasr
    har har har.

    NEW) Strike 4 plants per residence for adults


    Since the Statement of Claim files are labelled by the tort,
    it should be easy for Judge Brown to keep them separate!

    So I'll be offering to help people file their claims for the
    various templates that are ready. I'm particularly hoping
    for more people complaining about the 150 gram limit who
    file before Tuesday to get in on the Jeff Harris hearing on
    Oct 30 and for those who want to strike the prohibitions
    preventing them from getting juice. It would be nice to
    strike the prohibitions once and for all. It is the one tort
    they cannot fix.

    Repeal at last.

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