• TURMEL: Strike 150-gram MedPot Limit Kit is up

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    TURMEL: Strike 150-gram MedPot Limit Kit is up

    JCT: For those with over 30-grams a day, you can't possess
    enough for a 4-day Christmas holiday. At 30 grams, okay, 5
    day supply while anyone under 5 grams gets to carry a
    month's supply.

    In the BC Garber case, the judge exempted the 4 Plaintiffs
    from the 150 gram limit to possess a 10-day supply! It's not
    equal to the 30 days of smaller users but it's better.

    Our Federal Court Action costs $2 for the Statement of Claim
    to strike the cap and get the same 30-day supply as others
    but also has a Motion to ask the Court for the same 10-day
    possess limit as granted to the Garber patients.

    As always, all my kits of court forms are listed at the http://johnturmel.com/kits page but the link to this one
    is http://johnturmel.com/ins150.pdf

    Allan Jeff Harris has already filed. He's the Lead Plaintiff
    representing over 250 patients seeking damages for
    processing delays and knows the ropes. So you can now file
    the Statement of Claim to join him and you can prepare the
    Motion for use sometime later next week when there are
    several more to join him in the teleconference call with the

    But you need to file the Statement of Claim for $2 filing
    fee and get a File Number to use with y our motion. Just do
    not file the motion yet. I'm giving it to you now so you can
    prepare it because it has an affidavit which has to be sworn
    before a notary, a minor complication, but now you have

    But if you want to carry a full 30-day supply and ask for a
    10-day supply pending the decision on the 30-days, you will
    have to join Jeff and several others who have said they need
    to be upped. Two have prescriptions of 200 grams.

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