• TURMEL: Health Canada fixes 3rd tort: LPs can send back permit

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    TURMEL: Health Canada fixes 3rd tort: LPs can send back permit

    JCT: Our Gold Stars 2014 had one tort about the fact that
    the an LP could cancel your order for a business reason and
    then could not send you back your permit. You have to go
    back to the doctor to get a new one. We had complained

    18) MMPR S.117(7), S.118 and ACMPR S.139(7) prohibit the
    Licensed Producer from returning or transferring the medical
    document back to the patient;

    JCT: Judge Phelan said he'd fixed it. Har har har.

    In my recent post: "Health Canada: Permits no longer expire
    with slow renewals" I pointed out that Health Canada had not
    only stopped back-dating permits but had also made it so
    permits that were being renewed would not expire because
    they were late in processing them.



    The important part is:
    the effective date on the registration document will be
    the day it is issued, rather than the day the medical
    document was signed by the health care provider

    registration will remain valid until a renewal decision
    has been made, if Health Canada has received a renewal
    application before your certificate expires

    JCT: Both of those improvements are due to our complaints
    and the pressure Judge Brown put on Health Canada. But that
    page also included the other improvement under the new
    - the ability to request the return of of their medical
    document from a federally licensed seller
    - the ability to request the transfer of their medical
    document to a different federally licensed seller

    JCT: Gee, I guess Judge Phelan hadn't fixed it but Health
    Canada were smart enough to fix it before I filed another
    kit to challenge it.

    Still, it's nice to see three torts we complained about
    fixed on one page.

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