• TURMEL: Crown seeks amended "strike 150 gram limit" actions (2/2)

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    plaintiffs can be addressed in the context of motions by the
    plaintiffs for interim relief.

    JCT: Again, other plaintiffs do not impact on Jeff's motion
    at all other than also benefiting if they're filed before
    Tuesday Oct 30 in order to get the same relief too. And the
    only purpose served by connecting two unrelated causes of
    action is to delay the second one.

    JB: Proposed timetable

    Canada proposes the following timetable for next steps in
    these actions:

    1. Amended statements of claim
    Amended statements of claim (amended to identify the
    impugned provisions of the new Cannabis Regulations) -
    November 16

    JCT: We can ask Judge Brown to amend his claim from the
    ACMPR section to the Cannabis Act section in a later claim.

    JB: 2. Mr. Harris' motion in writing for interim relief
    Plaintiffs motion records - November 16
    Canada's responding record - December 7
    Plaintiffs replies to Canada - December 14

    JCT: Jeff's motion is already done except identifying the
    Cannabis Act section instead of the ACMPR section in force
    when he filed. But Jeff's motion doesn't need to be changed,
    so how about the Crown response on Nov 16 and Reply on Nov

    JB: 3. Canada's motion to strike

    Canada's motion to strike - 30 days from final disposition
    of the Harris appeal

    JCT: No, they should make their motion to strike as soon as
    they can for this 150 gram limit cause of action and not
    link it to the delay damages appeal at all. Keeps wanting to
    wait for the end of the appeal that has nothing to do with
    the 150 gram limit.

    JB: Plaintiffs' responses to Canada's motion - 30 days from
    service of Canada's motion
    Canada's reply to the plaintiffs - 10 days from service of
    the last Plaintiffs response

    JCT: Whatever, as long as it's not after the damages appeal.

    JB: 4. Further steps (if required)

    Case management conference to discuss timetable for any
    further interlocutory motions, production of documents, and
    proposed discovery plan in these and the registration delay
    actions - 15 days from final disposition of Canada's motion
    to strike

    JCT: Sure, except for the link to the delay actions.

    JB: Yours truly,
    Jon Bricker and Wendy Wright
    National Litigation Sector

    JCT: Stay tuned for Jeff's report after tomorrow's 3pm
    hearing where Jeff is still requesting the 10-day supply
    right now. The motion is done right, they have it, no need
    to wait for their reply if they don't have one now.

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