• TURMEL: Brantford Mayoral Debate Videos

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    TURMEL: Brantford Mayoral Debate Videos

    JCT: On Oct 22 2018, I lost my 95th of 96 elections! One
    byelection was called off for a general but still counts.

    Again, my main program is paying kies with bus tickets to do
    community service, the smartest idea in recent political

    Turmel highlights:
    20181102 Turmel Highlights: CFUW Brantford Mayoral Debate https://youtu.be/alyDczzVKVM

    20181003 Can. Fed. of University Women Brantford Mayoral
    Debate https://youtu.be/Ci80tBQf6cU
    The full debate

    201811011 Rogers TV debate:

    I got half a percent of the vote. So one in two hundred
    voted to pay their kids with bus tickets to shovel their
    snow! The intellectual elite are so few.

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