• TURMEL: Gary Pallister & Heidi Chartrand file Quash Motions

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    JCT: Gary served the Crown his Quash Motion at his case-
    management Pre-trial hearing in Collingwood.

    Heidi Chartrand files Quash Motion in Nova Scotia.

    One of Max Gauthier's friends was charged in Quebec and he
    also filed a Quash Motion there.

    So there are three more chances to show that the courts had
    no right to say they had revived the prohibitions once they
    had been struck down and 4,000 charges were withdrawn
    because the Interpretation Act says they could not fix the
    MMAR and revive prohibitions in the CDSA that had been dead
    2 years.

    Now that the Cannabis Act has passed, the old Quash Motions
    won't be useful any more for charges laid after Oct 18 2018.
    It will take a constitutional challenge to stay any new

    I guess I'll have to take down the Quash kits stating that
    the law is still dead since it was invalidated in 2001. But
    we still have several chances left to win the point that the
    courts didn't have the power to revive a dead law. Only
    Parliament does.

    May be time to start my Judges Wall of Shame! All the judges
    who were asked if they would obey the Interpretation Act or
    the Hitzig Court, or if they would disobey Parliament or the
    Ontario Court of Appeal. And they all disobeyed Parliament!

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