• TURMEL: Judge discharges Bela Beke's fine

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    TURMEL: Judge discharges Bela Beke's fine

    JCT: Back on April 1 2011, Bela Beke was arrested with 10
    pounds of pot in the trunk of his car and charged with
    Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking facing a life

    He used one of my self-defence kits and eventually, Mr.
    Clark, Crown Attorney, offered him a sweet deal for a plea
    to simple possession.

    On April 16 2013, he pleaded guilty and got a $2,000 fine.

    In the past 5 years, Bela has requested extensions of time
    each year and paid down $650 owing still $1,350.

    On Oct 24 2018, he applied for another extension.

    On Nov 15 2018, he got a letter stating that Superior Court
    Justice Kenneth Pedlar:
    "Balance of fine owing is discharged."

    So a $650 fine for 10 pounds. He's a happy camper.

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