• TURMEL: Tim McConnell Pot Charges withdrawn, Discharge on rifle

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    TURMEL: Tim McConnell Pot Charges withdrawn, Discharge on rifle

    JCT: Tim McConnell had rented out the family homestead to be
    used by a DG for two patients whose MMAR permits had been
    extended by Allard. But after a while with no respite, the
    DG was burned out. Remember that one of our constitutional
    torts was that no help was allowed to the patient or the DG.
    But Judge Manson had not allowed any changes to an MMAR
    permit, if the DG dies or leaves, the patient is screwed.

    Tim had his own legal garden and offered to help the DG do
    the work so the patients would not lose their permits.

    Then he got busted tending the garden and charged with
    Production and Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking.

    He had originally had Michel Swanston, the same lawyer as
    Luc Paquette and a bunch from the Projet Nouage conspiracy
    bust who got them to pleaded guilty for big money. Luc
    dropped him and ended up with a discharge and no criminal
    record for free. Har har har

    So Tim filed my Quash Motion which got put off to the trial
    judge below. He filed 3 extraordinary motions in Superior
    Court, pretty unique, to have his election to Superior Court
    for jury trial and a judge granted his motion.

    So then the Crown withdrew the Production charge to take
    away his right to a jury trial and stayed below with only
    the Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking Charge.

    I really thought that could be beaten. How could he be
    trafficking when the pot was destined for the DG to be sent
    to the patients? Tim would have had to steal their pot to
    traffick it to someone else, right? So they should have
    charged him with illegally possessing the pot but not for
    the purpose of trafficking when it was for the purpose of
    helping the lawful Designated Grower!

    Then Tim filed the new "Mernagh Plus Why" Charter motion on
    the Gatineau and Montreal Crown Attorneys offices. With
    testimony that doctors were refusing for non-medical
    reasons, we also had a representative from a Montreal
    referral clinic who was going to testify that they had
    helped over 10,000 patients get permits when their Quebec
    doctors refused to participate!

    But Tuesday morning Oct 9 of his trial, a new male Crown
    asked to speak to Tim and said he had an offer he doubted
    Tim could refuse. He was right.

    Withdrawal of the pot charge if he pleaded guilty to unsafe
    storage of his dad's rifle and would recommend a discharge
    on that if he made a $500 contribution to charity. So no
    Criminal Record. An offer he could not refuse.

    So instead of possibly time in jail if Swanston had pleaded
    him guilty, his putting up a fight left him with no criminal
    record. The second of Swanston's clients I got off that he
    would not have gotten off. Har har har har har har.

    So Tim's a happy camper and the DG may even be willing to
    start up for the patients again after a couple of years of
    rest. The only people harmed were the patients.

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