• TURMEL: Harris Memorandum accepted late by the Appeal Court

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    TURMEL: Harris Memorandum accepted late by the Appeal Court

    JCT: Jeff Harris filed his Memorandum on time but had no
    chance to get the beige paper for the covers.



    But he still served and submitted it on time without beige
    cover and asked for a direction allowing its acceptance.

    TO : Judicial Administrator
    FROM : Stratas J.A.
    DATE : December 20, 2018
    RE : Allan J. Harris v. AGC (A-258-18)

    The Court notes that the appellant's memorandum has been
    presented for filing one day late and has the wrong cover
    colour. On this one occasion, this Court is prepared to
    overlook this minor non-compliance and directs the Registry
    to accept it for filing.
    For the purposes of calculating the deadline for the filing
    of the respondent's memorandum, the filing of the
    appellant's memorandum is deemed to have taken place as of
    today's date.

    JCT: I didn't think the court would reject it over the non-
    beige cover but the only reason that it was a day late was
    because the clerk wouldn't accept it without proof that the
    Crown had allowed email service.

    We didn't know Jeff had to file a copy of the email. So Jeff
    faxed the registry a copy of the email when he got home but
    still on the last day he could file. The next day he called
    and mentioned how the acceptance of service had been faxed
    on time for the memorandum to be accepted. So that's why it
    was a day late.

    So there was no real reason not to file it on the right date
    but for the beige cover. And the judge skipped that

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