• TURMEL: The Healthy to lose cars with Pot Road-side tests

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    TURMEL: The Healthy to lose cars with Pot Road-side tests

    JCT: You've heard that the body enjoys cannabis so much, it
    keeps in the system as long as it can, 30 days.

    So if you're healthy and you smoked within the last 30 days,
    when you run into the required road-tests for dangerous
    drunk drivers, you'll get swabbed, test positive, lose your
    car and be prosecuted.

    Thanks to Justin Trudeau trap, while they need to show you
    blow over limit for alcohol even if you don't look drunk, if
    you have a medical pot permit, the officer would have
    testify you looked impaired. Easy to show about a drunk, but
    not easy about someone high where the enhancement doesn't
    add to the impression of impairment.

    Only if being high is impaired. Only if the good feeling
    from growing new brain cells constitutes impairment?

    But still, Justin's Legalization has put in traps so healthy
    people lose their licenses and their cars while keeping cops
    on the job in the same old prohibition.

    There is only way to fight back and that's through mass
    action in the courts. Fortunately, I've found a way for
    lots of people to say ouch, to participate in similar cases
    by using similar forms. 350 in 2014, 270 now.

    But if you look at all the forms at my
    http://johnturmel.com/kits page, you'll see that most claims
    can be settled by fixing something in the exemption regime.
    Except one that can't be fixed without repealing

    1) Plaintiffs seeking damages for delays in processing their
    want to be paid off.

    2) High-dosage Plaintiff seeking to have a 30-day supply
    like low dosers. Just strike the 150 gram cap and it's back
    to 30 days.

    3) Plaintiffs with permanent illnesses can get the 1-year
    maximum prescription struck and only see the doctor every 10
    years or so.

    4) Plaintiff who want to grow for more licenses at one site
    can get the 4-license limit struck and it's fixed.

    All these little torts can be corrected. Only one cannot.

    It's the one I filed first after the new Cannabis Act came
    out. Before it, I needed to be sick to demand to use it for
    medical purposes.

    After Oct 18, 2018, I didn't need to be sick to demand to
    use it for medical purposes any more. Though having a
    sickness makes for the better case, I still wanted it as a
    healthy person who thinks it might prevent what it's good
    for once you get it before you get it.

    So here's the problem. No one but me has filed to strike
    down the prohibitions over the right to use juice. And
    I'm not even sick, the weakest of cases. And the Crown has
    now made motion to strike my claim, the weakest of them all.
    And it it's stuck, when you need to strike it, they'll claim
    you can't any more though you can:: Turmel wasn't a lawyer,
    doesn't count.

    Plus I made one error which I am correcting. All the other
    kits properly identify the new Cannabis Act & Regulations
    but the juice kit still had the CDSA Controlled Drugs and
    Substances Act. So the Crown moved to strike my claim
    because I put CDSA instead of CAR "Cannabis Act &

    So I've changed the kit at http://insjuice.pdf to oppose the
    CAD and not the CDSA. And now I have to ask the court to
    allow me to amend my Statement of Claim to replace CDSA with

    Judge Brown allowed Jeff to amend his old Statement of Claim
    to match the hundreds of later improved ones. But I don't
    have any of the later improved ones filed yet to match.

    If I'm alone, it's easier to not allow me to amend my claim
    and strike it. Gets rid of the really big and dangerous
    issue. Aiming at the prohibitions in the way of juice
    supply. Nothing they can fix except letting me buy it by the
    bushel at a farmer's market and not by the gram at a Trudeau

    Remember, the only thing we can do to end the prohibitions
    is focus on the juice we have a right to possess that they
    cannot supply without repealing all prohibitions and
    legalizing farmers' markets.

    So here's the Crown's Motion Record to strike my claim that
    the prohibitions are impeding the supply of my juice.

    Part 1:
    http://johnturmel.com/juiceTurmelMotionRecord.pdf has the
    motion record and sundry other such motions,
    Part 2:
    http://johnturmel.com/juiceTurmelMotionRecord2.pdf Written
    Representations which explain the story they're pushing.

    Just want you to note how their move weakens as soon as
    others file new kits to use juice within CDSA reference.
    Especially people who have established medical need enough
    to possess more than the 30 grams I'm allowed to possess.
    Good chance Brown will allow me to amend to those of the
    latest plaintiffs like he did for Jeff.

    I hope to parse the written representations but would wonder
    what they're going to say to legitimate patients who can't
    get juice either.

    So http://insjuice.pdf kits costs $2 to demand no impediment
    to the juice you have a right to and what a trophy on your
    wall in just a few years.

    But as healthy people start losing their cars and licenses,
    there just may be more people willing to challenge the
    prohibitions as the only way to end the worst of Justin
    Trudeau's Traps!

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