• TURMEL: Need more plaintiffs against "Year Max" prescription

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    TURMEL: Need more plaintiffs against "Year Max" prescription

    JCT: In the upcoming motion to strike our claims, the Crown
    has opposes the Jeff Harris' claim against the 150 gram cap
    and Mike Spottiswood's claim against the yearly visits to
    the doctor for people with permanent illnesses.

    http://johnturmel.com/150cm.pdf has Written Representations
    being parsed here. I'm only including the paragraphs I'm
    commenting on. You can read the others online if you wish.


    My report on it: "Crown Motion to strike 150-gram & 1-year
    permit challenges" is at


    The Crown argues that since Mike is under the MMAR and
    hasn't had to see his doctor since 2014, he can't complain
    about the new Cannabis Regulations still limiting
    prescriptions to one year.

    There are many out there who are affected by the Cannabis
    Regulations including Jeff Harris. So yesterday, Jeff filed
    the Statement of Claim for a declaration that the 1-year
    limit violates the rights of permanently-ill patients by
    making them waste time and resources for nothing.

    So, though they might be able to strike Mike's claim because
    he doesn't have to visit his doctor yearly, yet, they can't
    say that about Jeff.

    Now, the Feb 1 Response to the Crown's motion is going to
    mention how Jeff represents those who have permanent illness
    and don't want yearly visits at high costs too.

    But what we really need is more than just Jeff. So why don't
    you who have permanent illnesses join him by filing the $2
    Statement of Claim. If a dozen more plaintiffs file, the
    Crown will have that much tougher a time to strike the

    http://johnturmel.com/insyear.pdf has the claims and
    instructions for the simple online efiling at the Court
    site. Takes 10 minutes to prepare the Claim and 10 minutes
    to get it filed.

    Or prepare an excuse for why you let Jeff stand up for your
    rights but you did not.

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