• TURMEL: 98th election in York-Simcoe federal byelection

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    TURMEL: 98th election in York-Simcoe federal byelection

    JCT: Yesterday I registered in the York-Simcoe federal

    I got a questionnaire from the Georgina Post:


    1. What policies/proposals do you favour to address reducing
    greenhouse gas emissions?

    1. http://SmartestMan.Ca/globalwarming poem explains why I
    won't address greenhouse gas emissions until Greenland is
    green again.

    2. Asylum seekers have been making the news lately. In your
    opinion, how should Canada handle this situation?

    2. Canada supported the US in its Middle East invasions and
    poisoning their homelands with depleted uranium ammunition.
    They can't go back, may as well help them become Canadians.
    Besids, coming from war zone, they're better at fighting
    than we are.

    3. Should the federal government implement universal
    prescription coverage? Why/Why not?

    3. Yes, or give everyone an interest-free Bank of Canada
    account so they can afford health care and pay it back

    4. Lake Simcoe is one of York Simcoe's most significant
    natural features. At one time, federal funding was offered
    to address lowering phosphorous levels in the lake. Should
    the Government of Canada provide this funding again? Please
    explain your answer.

    4. Sure, give them an interest-free Bank of Canada account
    to pay for it too.

    JCT: So first All-Candidates meeting Monday night in Sutton
    on the south shore of Lake Simcoe.

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