• TURMEL: Crown Response for Christian Berman MedPot Permit

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    JCT: OK, the Crown did try to file something on Jan 28 in
    response to Christian Berman's motion for interim remedy. .

    http://johnturmel.com/delbermancresp.pdf has their response.

    Seems there were 4 licenses when he originally applied so
    they sent him a Notice of Intent to Refuse.

    But in November, one of the 4 licenses applied to move. So
    they looked at his application again and still are.

    Then Michael McGuire decided that they had information that
    there was a risk of the cannabis being diverted. No
    indication what information they have. They didn't tell the
    court what information, just that checking it out is taking
    the time.

    So it's been 3 months since they know there are only 3
    licenses with no result.

    So he Christian has to Reply by Feb 5 when he'll point out
    that making him wait 3 months on anonymous information is
    still a problem. They should have explained to the judge
    what led them to refuse.

    Interesting they didn't tell the judge why. Is he supposed
    to refuse interim remedy because H.C. say they have
    information they haven't shared?

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