• TURMEL: Need more permanently-ill plaintiffs

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    TURMEL: Need more permanently-ill plaintiffs

    JCT: http://johnturmel.com/insyear.pdf has the kit to file a
    $2 Statement of Claim challenging the 1-year maximum
    prescription allowed. You'll remember 5 years ago, annual
    medical documents for permanently-ill patients was one of
    the torts in our Gold Star Statement of Claim which Justice
    Phelan said was mooted by his striking down the MMPR without
    dealing with that point. Though he did say we could always
    challenge it again in a later regime. Which is what we are

    Mike Spottiswood was the first to file the kit. But the
    Crown has responded that he is still protected under the
    Allard MMAR injunction and doesn't need to see a doctor
    annually until that ends. Then he'll be able to complain,
    but not now.

    So Jeff Harris filed the kit because he has a permanent
    condition. And we pointed out in our Response to the Crown's
    MMAR argument against Mike that Jeff had now filed the
    challenge against the year cap too. So if Mike isn't
    qualified to object, Jeff is.

    On Feb 1 2019, Case Management Justice Brown issued the
    following Direction:
    RE: Allan Harris v. HMTQ No: T-217-19
    Pursuant to the filing of the Statement of Claim on Jan
    31 2019, the Court (Mr. Justice Brown) issued the
    following Direction on Feb 1 2019:
    "The Defendant is requested to make submissions as
    to how this file should proceed given the other
    files in this subject area by February 11 2019. The
    Plaintiff shall serve and file a response by
    February 18 2019 and the Defendant shall serve and
    file a Reply by February 25 2019."

    JCT: The obvious answer is for the Crown to include Jeff's
    case with Mike's and now deal with someone who does have to
    pay for a doctor every year and make their case why he
    should have to undergo annual check-ups like Mike does not.

    This complaint would be stronger if more permanently-ill
    patients filed the Statement of Claim with Jeff. And before
    they have to answer by Feb 18 in 11 days.

    So if you're permanently-ill and tired of paying a doctor
    every tons of cash every year, why not take the $2 gamble
    and join Jeff in objecting. If a bunch more plaintiffs got
    filed, the Crown would not be so easily able to argue
    that the annual filing is proper.

    So come on, if you paid a ton to your doctor for your
    permit, why not spend $2 to try to avoid having to waste
    that cash and time every year.

    http://johnturmel.com/insyear.pdf has the easy instructions
    to get filed in under 10 minutes. Do take the 10 minutes to
    try to save yourselves an expensive wasted visit every year.
    You know the gremlins in government made up the year cap
    precisely in order to make it harder for the patients to
    get their medicine. Besides, won't this be a great trophy on
    your wall when it wins.

    Remember that the original Gold Stars can point at their
    Statements of Claim and note that of their 20 torts objected
    to, not only could they win:

    3) MMAR S.13(1), S.33(1), s42(1)(a); MMPR S.129(2)(a) and
    ACMPR S.8(2) require annual renewals for permanent diseases and
    then short-change them on the year.

    but that they did win:

    4) MMAR S.65(1); MMPR and ACMPR S.199(1)&(2), S.200(1)&(2)
    compel exemptees to destroy unused cannabis before receipt
    of new batch with no refund.

    JCT: That rule is now gone.

    12) MMAR and ACMPR fail to license any garden help.

    JCT: Patients can now have a Responsible Person help them.

    18) MMPR S.117(7), S.118 and ACMPR S.139(7) prohibit the
    Licensed Producer from returning or transferring the medical
    document back to the patient;

    JCT: L.P.s can now return your medical document.

    So several of our beefs have been corrected even though our
    claims were all dismissed. Guess Health Canada knew they'd
    be coming back.

    Plus we stopped them from subtracting the time for
    processing by dating the permit when the doctor signed.

    And we stopped permits from expiring while waiting for the
    renewal to be processed. So now you can gain time by getting
    your renewal in 3 days before expiry making your old permit
    last longer before getting your new permit for the full term
    from the date of issuance.

    You might think that striking down the 1-year cap not so big
    a deal but when someone has to pay a couple of thousand for
    a permit, maybe getting a permanent permit with no more
    annual visits will save tons.

    So if you have a permanent illness, do join Jeff in
    demanding no more annual medical documents. It will be a
    nice trophy win or lose. At least you objected. So take the
    10 minutes and protest about it on the record.

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