• TURMEL: Gary Pallister gets year house arrest for 330 plants

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    TURMEL: Gary Pallister gets year house arrest for 330 plants

    JCT: In 2010, Gary Pallister fought off some marijuana
    charges with my kits and got a sweet deal for Production and
    Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking and they let his
    wife, son, and girl-friend go. Originally, they wanted 5
    years but they accepted 6 months house arrest.

    He was recently charged again with 314 unrooted clones, 16
    rooted plants, a few jars of cannabis tinctures, topicals
    and edibles and was charged under S.7(1) Production, Section
    5(1) Trafficking, (he admitted providing it to patients)
    and S.4(1) Possession. They're only asking for 4 years this

    My last report:


    He filed another Quash motion which got dismissed and they
    reduced their demand to 6 months in jail.

    He threatened to file a constitutional motion which would
    have taken 5-6 days. So they asked him what would be fair.
    He said double his last house arrest. OK.

    So he got a year house arrest with liberal conditions. He
    can go out between 4:00-12:00 midnight wed-sat, Sun 4-10
    p.m. Monday free time 2-6.

    It's his 50th year on cannabis! Sad souvenir.

    Since he plays in a band, he can go out and gig and also
    have rehearsal time.

    At least he didn't have to pay anything more for a lawyer.

    I'd say he's a happy self-defender.

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